Old is New Again

Being I have no resolutions, I was examining the behaviors that need to change if I’m going to get “stuff” done and keep myself balanced while doing it. So, a few days ago I started practicing the keyboard and checking out all the settings, tones and special effects. Mind you, I have had this keyboard for a few years, but never allowed myself the time to “dig into it” and learn what it is all about. That’s the “kicker” with technology. You become familiar with it, and if you leave it for a while, the relearning curve can be a challenge. I will be relearning my digital recording board as well. But, I am now “finding” the time.

Physically, I was feeling a little stiff. I had been doing a short yoga program regularly…I don’t know what happened to that. All I know is that I wasn’t doing it anymore. Today I brushed off that DVD and did the stretching and balance exercises. My back was making all kinds of sounds! Anyway, that old DVD is going to be new to me again! All the best to you in your new adventures or old ones that fell to the wayside…


  1. I agree Sue, yoga is the best to help with stiffness. I try to do my stretches at least 4-5 times per week, and it definitely helps. As we age, you have to keep moving to “oil up” those muscles and joints. Keep it going!


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