My song is with a six pack of trusted ears…

Hey, “Sleeping Alone Again” is finally mixed to the point that I can hear or feel it needs to be done. I sent it off to 6 folks. Four of them have extensive knowledge and experience in music. So, that leaves 2 folks that listen to multiple genres of music and are in and around music, but not creators of music themselves. I chose this 6 pack of people because I know they will be honest with me and will not be afraid to say what needs to be said. So, I just need to give them some time. I hope within a week I will get some needed feedback.

In the process I did learn how to automate the master fade and learned how to bounce the tracks to multiple audio files. It all happens at the same time so, no converting files is needed. I also learned the “latch” method to turn plugins on and off as the song plays. I look forward to learning the mastering process next. That’s an assignment that starts tomorrow! Keep moving forward…


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