Mixing Done…Photos Done √

I hope all is well on your end. I received the feedback needed in regards to my final mix of “Sleeping Alone Again”. I did not hear the same “stuff” from everyone but, there was one improvement needed that half the people heard. So, that’s not bad. I corrected it and the final mix is done! Now I need to learn how to master it and get that done.

I had a photo session over the weekend to get a headshot for the album art. For now, the album art will just be for the single. I plan on releasing 3 – 4 singles before creating an album. But, this album cover and whatever else is needed will be used throughout the first 10 songs I release. At least, that is my plan…until it gets changed! Anyway, I was able to included a couple of these newer photos into my Electronic Press Kit (EPK) on my website…so, that’s cool. I also have my headshot for the artwork on the proposed album cover. I say that, because I haven’t created it yet! Now of course, I have to put this together…have to learn that too… All the Best!!

First shooting for the video is supposed to happen this upcoming Saturday…we’ll see…

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