Getting ready for my third single release…

A lot has been accomplished in the last few weeks. I mixed and mastered my next single “You Will Always Be There”. I am waiting on one more assessment from a trusted pair of ears before I copyright the sound recording and set the release date. I received my ISWC number from ASCAP yesterday. The trademarking of my logo is going smoothly. It past the 30 day window of possible objections and now I need to wait for a notice from the USPTO that it’s a done deal. I have also created the storyboard for the next music video and I am lining up my “actors” for the video.

All that being said, I am being “smarter” about this release. I am giving myself at least a two month window before the release to write the necessary press releases and submit those to my local online news outlets or “papers”. So, that took a bit of research to find the news outlets and find where to submit the releases. I am also researching how to write effective press releases…there is always room for improvement. I want to send the press release 6 weeks out from the actual dropping of the song. I will also be able to “pitch” this song to Spotify in order to possibly get on one of their playlists with at least a 6 week window as well. I will also have a larger window to promote “Presales” and “Presaves” on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

I do appreciate how my social media folks support me and the folks on my email list…but, I believe it’s time to attempt to reach out to a wider listening audience.

If you would like to visit my social media platforms or sign up for my emails, please click on this link HERE.

All the best, Sue


  1. Hi Sue- well it seems like you’re moving right along, and learning so much as you get ready to release your third song- what an accomplishment! I’m so glad you are now able to creatively devote yourself full time to this process, and enjoying it.
    Bob and I hope to hear you play again in the near future. All my best- Kathy

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    1. Thank you so much Kathy and please say hello to Bob as well!! Performing live is something I love so, yes, I look forward to doing something…I will be patient…in the meantime there is much to do!! Thank you again and stay well!!


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