My Story

I was seventeen years old when I graduated from high school and was on my way to college to study business. I had taught myself guitar when I was 12 and started writing songs at 13. So, by the time I was 17 I had a few years of songwriting under my belt. I was encouraged by my peers to pursue the songwriting and a “music career”. In those days that meant trying to get a record deal. There were no home studios, no internet, no home computers, not even the CD was invented yet. All my demos were done in studios and ended up on cassette tapes! That gives you an idea of how long I have been singing, writing, and performing!

I performed my own tunes in NYC…in showcases, open mic nights, and auditioned at various venues. I didn’t get paid in the beginning for singing, so I modeled a bit, and was an “extra” in a few movies. When I turned 19, I taught myself how to play bass guitar so I could perform with a four piece group at the Jersey Shore. That was all “cover” tunes. I also started taking voice lessons with “the guy” on the east coast, Maestro Carlo Menotti. You can look him up, although he is long gone, for his credits and students. I took lessons from him for 12 years. It was that training that allows me to sing several times a week and still have a voice.

After 7 years of “doing” music full time I decided I needed to get a “real job”. So I did, but all along I never stopped performing…in front of every type of audience no matter what “other” work I did. I drove for a bus company, cooked in a restaurant, worked for a YMCA, I owned a coffee shop and video store for 5 years, and my last job of 29 years, 11 months, and 2 weeks, was for a social service agency. While I was there, I was a supervisor of a couple residential programs for mentally ill adults and later became their business manager and HR person. All that…leads me to now.

The last couple of years there was a gnawing in me. In my gut the music was beckoning me. After having over 165 performances during my last year of full time employment, I knew, now was the time to retire and make my music my full time endeavor. Now another journey begins. So, here I am, 40 + years later…embarking on my “new” music career.

All the best to you, Sue

Oh, if you are wondering about the logo…Bijoux Music Group LLC is my publishing and recording entity. Bijoux Music Group is also a live power trio. Click on the name and you will be directed to that website. Thanks again!

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