Sue’s first ballad made public, “Really Up To You” is Live!

Relationships can be confusing…“Really Up To You” is about a relationship that could move forward or not based on the decision of the prospective partner. What makes this song different is that the person looking to pursue the relationship is accepting. They may be disappointed if it doesn’t work out the way they want, but they are OK with whatever happens. If it’s meant to happen, it will! This song was released in September of 2023. I remastered it in February 2023. View the music video, stream or download using this DistroKid HyperFollow link.

Sue’s third single release, “You Will Always Be There” is Born!

Have you ever been in a relationship that was destined to end and you resisted the truth? Well, my latest single “You Will Always Be There” pokes fun at that whole head set! You can view the music video, download or stream it from my DistroKid link HERE.

WHUD and host Andy Bale interviewed Sue and featured “Hardly Hiding” on the program Hudson Valley Artist Spotlight. To listen to the interview, click HERE.

“Hardly Hiding”, Sue’s 2nd single released on April 26th! To stream it on Spotify, or any of the major streaming platforms, download it on Amazon or iTunes, or check out the music video on YouTube, click on this DistroKid HyperFollow page.

Sue’s 1st song “Sleeping Alone Again” was released as of December 18th, 2020! I remastered this song in January of 2023. Please click this DistroKid HyperFollow page to stream it, download it or watch the music video.

Currently I am performing regularly in therapeutic settings. I will post all public performances here as they arise. Thank you!


Not Quite Yet…

I am available for private events, fundraisers, and for a more intimate affair, house concerts. I would be happy to explain to you what a house concert entails if you are interested in hosting one! Thank you, Sue

I am also in my studio working on completing my songs for publication.