Sometimes rainbows come to you..

I think we have all heard of the expression of someone chasing rainbows…for that “pot of gold” and the “pot of gold” can represent many different things to folks: new romance, more money, better job, peace from the “commotion” in their lives. Well, all that is in our lives is our creation. If we are of adult age, we allow the people in our lives, we allow the “commotion”, we choose the jobs we stay in and look for. We choose to create opportunities or not. We allow fears…doubts, worries, and beliefs to “hold us back”. Granted, we can not control what our childhood experiences were, we can not always prevent illnesses from occurring. Although, there are many times when we can.
Changing our believes and perceptions will change our thoughts and actions. When you are ready and have cleared the way to allow in your rainbow…it will appear…

This one, or I should say these two rainbows, appeared a few weeks ago at a friend’s birthday gathering! All the best!

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