Staying Focused

With so many distractions and so many people, things and events pushing and pulling at us it’s amazing we can get any of our goals accomplished! I recently had a “curve ball” thrown into my mix of life. I had to keep myself “grounded” in order to plow through what was being presented to me. The situation is not over and I will continue to need to adapt and make changes. Well, in this case I needed to learn to set clear, strong boundaries and accept all that was and is in this “curve ball.” I also needed to learn how to manage my time and energy better because all of my performances and other responsibilities were and are still happening. When I am given challenges and what appears to be an obstacle…I step back and ask myself…what is the lesson I am supposed to learn? Why is this being presented to me? I know that everything occurs for a reason and is designed for my growth. Keeping that in mind…I don’t “fight’ what is happening…I face it. The fastest way to get through a storm is to head straight into it and get to the other side. One can not outrun a storm any more than one can outrun their past or their fears. Best to acknowledge, accept and face what is before you… Be well!

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