Getting Ready for 2020!

I am really looking forward to my work that needs to happen next year. Rather than call the changes I need to make resolutions, I will call them commitments. Commitments to myself and my art. There have been many instances where I have allowed myself to get “pushed and pulled.” This upcoming year I am committed to not getting overly “absorbed” with other people’s circumstances or issues. It is not that I will not be around for others, it just means I will be more aware and mindful of making time for myself and my projects. I will make my “work” my priority as I now know, there is no other way. There will always be other things and people to tend to. Those things and people will need to be balanced with my creativity and performances. Bring on 2020…Happy New Year!!


  1. Happy New Year Sue, and good luck with accomplishing your commitments. Remember to have fun and a good sense of humor as you move forward (I know that is one of your strengths)! Go 2020🎊🎼🎤🎸


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