Are You Changing with this New Level of “Busyness”?

I find myself very much aware of the fear (anxiety, worry, anger, blaming) that is predominate in some and the bravery, selflessness, compassion, resiliency, and optimism in others. Perhaps you are somewhere in between these two descriptions. There is also a faction of people that are not heeding the warnings, that are everywhere, and are behaving as if nothing is happening. What a wonderful system of denial or poor judgement! I guess I could put those folks in the fear category as well, because they may be too fearful to accept reality.

There are some silver linings in this…we are all being forced to slow down(except our healthcare workers), to be more aware of others and ourselves, perhaps go inward – to learn how to decompress and stop the negative chatter in our minds. I am seeing in others their appreciation of the outdoors, the work people do that are considered “essential”…our EMS workers, police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, the admin. staff in the various businesses that need to stay open, sanitation workers, janitorial workers, highway department workers, bankers, the men and women delivering our mail and packages, lab technicians, scientists, and the workers in our supermarkets. Parents are learning new skills in home teaching their children and teachers are learning to teach remotely. There may be a several hundred thousand parents who will view their teachers through a different lens when this subsides. There are more…

People are finding new and creative ways to connect and communicate. I am thankful that true heartwarming stories are “making the news” along with the updates of COVID-19. People and organizations are reaching out to those in need…volunteering to prepare and distribute food. Individuals and businesses are donating supplies whether food or medical supplies. Acts of kindness and generosity are everywhere. Science and medicine are working together to create cures, vaccines, and treatments all in record time. Teams of companies and universities are designing different versions of ventilators. The list could goes on.

I am asking that our collective appreciation for family and loved ones increases, that our awareness and compassion for those that are struggling in our neighborhoods, towns, cities, and in other countries heightens, that we start to truly understand and know that we are all interconnected in this global society, and that we are here to uplift one another. We do not all have the same physical abilities…but, we are all human with an enormous capacity to care and be caring towards all. Be safe and be well.

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