Remastered First Release and Updated on Streaming Platforms

I know in my previous post I wrote that I wasn’t going to change out the songs on the streaming platforms. Well, this whole process has been a learning process so, why not learn some more? I do want to put my best foot forward always and in all ways. So, I decided, what the heck. I did Google what other people’s experiences had been like and thought, they survived, so will I. I use DistroKid as my digital distributor and this is how it went. I deleted the old track. The Hyperfollow page for that track vanished instantly. I uploaded the new remastered track and used the same metadata as the original track. I also used the same release date as the original. A new Hyperfollow page for that track was created within minutes. Within one day the new track was on Spotify and within three days the updated track was on all the playlists that I checked and the old track was gone. I did not lose the stream count of my original track. So, it was swapped out pretty quick. Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer and the rest were not so fast. They took 12 days. That’s not soooo bad. What I really needed to be mindful of was all the places that the link for the older version was and update them. All the pages on websites, store,, EPK, and my Sue Larsen Hyperfollow page needed updating. The new Hyperfollow page was nearly empty except for the re edited music video and the Spotify link. Other than Spotify and Apple Music you need to find the URL locations on all the other platforms to set up a link wherever you need it. That’s a bit of a drag, but a necessary step to share your music. The finished Hyperfollow page is HERE if you are interested. I do plan on remastering my other previous releases and I will do the same process again.

So, what did I do differently to add life back into my track? I need to point out that it is amazing how my ears and my brain got “used to” or “conditioned” to hearing the song as I originally released it. I thought it sounded good. I did use reference tracks. At least three and still I was fooled. I found out later it wasn’t “radio ready” and wasn’t “polished”. So, what does that mean? I had used too much compression or not used it properly in various tracks and had squashed a lot of dynamics. I went back to the mix and lessened and changed the compression settings on the drums, bass, vocals, some synth parts and some guitar tracks. I had also been too conservative in my use of panning. I spread a few parts out wider in the stereo field using the panning knobs and added a little gain on the side only material on the overall mix. I also used a touch of the Directional Mixer to had a little more stereo spread. I then used three different reference tracks and used the Reference 2 plugin to compare my stereo image, EQ settings, and my compressing to the reference tracks. I think the whole process took about 8 hours to find all the culprits. I also mastered the mix to sit at around 11 LUFS instead of 14. I am looking forward to hearing my other songs a little differently!

All the best! Sue

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