It’s Not All About the Music…

It occurred to me that I needed to go backwards with my story in order to give a clearer picture of how I arrived at this point. Most professions have physical, intellectual, and emotional components. For example, a surgeon maybe on their feet for several hours. They just can’t leave to go to the bathroom, so there is a lot of preparation physically and mentally that needs to happen. If you are a performer, like myself, it requires stamina. Singing well without hurting your voice, requires skill and strength of your diaphragm and core. Standing, dancing, moving, hauling equipment…you get the picture. A few years ago I had to make some lifestyle changes if I wanted to be well. Perhaps you have had the same experience…next week I’ll share with you what I did and what I am currently doing to ensure I can “do” all that I am asking myself to!! Thank you and be well!

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