Lifestyle Changes!

OK…for me, it seemed that in an instant my blood pressure and my cholesterol spiked to high levels and I became salt sensitive. I had to admit to myself I had an extra 20 lbs. attached to me and if I didn’t want the heart attack or stroke down the road, I had to change. One is four women will experience all or some of this as their hormone levels change. In the beginning I focused on staying away from the “high calorie no nutrition stuff” in the office. That would be the cookies, cake, candy, etc. At home, I stayed away from the “chips”, and anything that came in a bag already in a sauce, or another way of saying, anything processed because of the salt content. The first three weeks were scary and tough, because I didn’t know what was safe to eat or not in regards to the salt. I did a lot of research, much more than what I received from my doctor. I had the mind set and belief that I wanted to be healthy and I took responsibility for it. I was the one who had let myself “go” so to speak, and I had to be the one to “right the ship”. You already know the formula to lose weight…eat less, move more. I’ll address that in my next post. Be well!

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