The Emotional Side…

So much hinges on our beliefs. I had to get past my own obstacles! Fear…the nagging doubts, worries, and what ifs. What if I can’t figure out this new business model, what if my songs aren’t liked by people, what if I’m not talented enough to do the recordings well enough, what if a can’t manage all the technology in my studio, or I can’t get it to work! Plenty of fears! As each one “popped up”, and there were more than what I listed, I had to ask myself why? Why is that fear there? By looking inward, I was able to discern where my “stuff” came from and I worked on letting it go. It didn’t happen overnight, but it happened. I then gave myself permission to succeed. If there is something stopping you from pursuing your passion, take a good look at it…go inward…and find your solution. You, like myself, have everything you need already in you to take on any task or dream! Stay well!

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