How do I know what to do next?

There is barely a day that I am not learning or researching some detail or task that needs to be done in this “new” music business. Just yesterday I was checking out what CD replication company I want to use. I learned requirements about song file types, artwork and templates. I figured out what was the best packaging and format. I found one…there are a few that are more known. I chose one that does replication as opposed to duplication. I also learned about UPC codes…thankfully, my Digital Distribution company will generate that for me. Today I was learning about Search Engine Optimization or SEO, how to contact college radio stations and NPR stations, building my email list, and how to create what is called in marketing, “value added communication”. Oh, last week I picked and paid for my Admin Publishing company, so that potential royalties globally and on platforms like YouTube can be collected…not before watching webinars on what publishing is all about and doing research on the various companies offering admin services. If you are a “DIY” independent artist and you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them. Bottom line…I chose this, all of it. Now, I have to do what is needed to make it all happen. This has been a dream, a desire of mine, for my entire career. Now is the time. Thanks and be well!

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