You would think after 40 years of performing in front of so many different people, at so many different events, and for so many different purposes, I could do this blindfolded! Well…no. I find now that warming up vocally is more important than ever before any performance I have. My voice is not as relaxed and flexible if I don’t do some warmups. Being trained, I would recommend it for any vocalists including public speakers. I will admit that I didn’t always do it and sometimes it showed. I am finding that I desire to be more accomplished on the instruments I play and to have a stronger foundation of music knowledge. So, now almost everyday I study aspects of music theory that either I never learned or went to the wayside. Now that I have more time, I can apply myself in the directions that will most serve the final outcome. So, I will continue to get the “rust” out of my playing and work on improving my understanding of each instrument. If an “old dog” is willing to learn “new tricks”. I am proof…it can. Be well!

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