Doing Something Different…

I got a couple of opportunities to be a DJ during the holidays that just passed. I enjoyed it! It is completely different than actually playing an instrument and/or singing. It is a very different thought process. I am used to calling out tunes and creating “segways” between songs. With prerecorded music, I can do it, but it’s done mechanically…still creative, but not so internally. I prepared for these parties by gathering the songs I thought would work and then I had to practice using the equipment with the software. Thankfully, I am pretty good with computers and figuring out what knobs and buttons do what. The best thing I did to get out of my “comfort zone” confidently, was to allow myself the prep time to figure it all out. Practice…practice the logistics, practice the song changes, and practice setting the rig up. There was different wiring, I used a different PA system and incorporated lighting effects. I was getting paid for this stuff so, I wanted to do the best job I could. All in all, I was told, it turned out pretty good! You can teach an “older dog” new tricks!!

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