Stress and the Physical Side Effects

OK, so it’s a new year and I figured I would get on with recording right away. I know the song I want to release first and I have been exploring the options I have in creating the drum tracks. I always start with the rhythm section…most do. Just one caveat…an aging parent…so, things are going s..l..o..w..e..r than expected music wise. Well, if you have been a caretaker for anyone, you know that time and energy gets used in areas you didn’t even know you had. In the last two months I have been exposed to bronchial infections, pneumonia, colds, coughs, running noses etc. and this is multiple times a week. So, should I be surprised that I have had sinus infections, soar throats and laryngitis of varying degrees for the last two months? Right.

Just yesterday I was getting angry at my body for continuing to have issues that affect my singing. I was getting tired of my coughs and my nose blowing. Today I changed my tune and thanked my body for putting up with such a barrage of infections from the places I sing, where I live, where my family lives, and my friends. Anger is not going to help my body heal and at least I did not have to cancel any performances. That’s a blessing. The added stress of being a caretaker makes me more vulnerable to every sniffle. I had to come to a place of compassion for myself!

So, when I clunked my forehead on the upstairs banister trying to plug a light in yesterday evening, and when I disabled my own vehicle by installing LED brake lights which blew the fuse which locked the transmission so I couldn’t move it after I shut it off (yesterday afternoon in between gigs), and when I was looking for a new tube of toothpaste in the refrigerator this morning…don’t you store yours there? I had to laugh at myself. Moral of the story….Give Yourself A Break!!


  1. Oy vey Sue! Hopefully today is a fresh start, just keep washing your hands while around those who are sick, and eat well. Or maybe a bubble around you might just do the trick😜Be well 😊


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