DIY musician quandry

For the last two weeks I have been recording “Sleeping Alone Again”. I thought I was finished last week, but, this past week I re-recorded the lead vocal, added another harmony part, and added a guitar part. I find it is helpful to “step away” from what you are creating and take a few days to rest your ears from hearing the same song and existing parts in order to have a fresh perspective. This isn’t a race for me and I have no deadline so, I’ll let this process and the next of mixing and mastering take the time it needs.

My studio…
I got a good sense of the mix…

For social media purposes, it occurred to me I should take a few photos or videos of what I am doing. Awhile back I had purchased a macro and wide angle lens kit for my iPhone 6. It is made by Xenvo and comes with a LED light, lens cloth and case. I also bought a tripod mount made by Kobratech for the iPhone and that came with a remote shutter that works with Bluetooth. Thank goodness, because, being by myself with no photographer in sight, I needed that stuff! The things you have to think about well beyond the music stuff…

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