How is Corvid-19 Affecting You?

We are all experiencing something. Whether your job is making adjustments, you have tickets for something that has been postponed or cancelled, you wanted to attend your child’s sporting event and now there are no spectators allowed, your financial portfolio is taking a hit everyday, you have elderly relatives, you have a frail or medically fragile family member, you work in the medical profession and your stress levels are soaring (thank you for the work you do), your children’s school is closed temporarily and now you need childcare or can’t work, maybe you just want to go to a store to stock up on supplies and they are out of what you need or you need to go into the supermarket for groceries and are afraid because of your age or health. I could keep going…

For myself, there are a few items above that pertain to me and my life. What I am experiencing may be next to nothing compared to others. All of my performances that are in therapeutic milieus for seniors and the disabled have been cancelled until further notice. Right now that is the bulk of my work. But, I count my blessings because I could be a restaurant owner and almost everyone in the service sector is being crippled.

Do we succumb to the fear that is around us or do we choose to be compassionate for those who are ill and are at the greatest risk? Are we doing our best to ground ourselves and others? That is our choice.

I have listened to various news stations and I am amused by the “blame game” going on between countries, and political leaders. Also, within our own government and within departments. Yes, there are flaws in our systems and inadequacies.

Please be mindful that in this global society that we are, what affects one group affects all. This is not a China thing, an Iranian thing, an Italian thing, or South Korean thing….this is a human thing. The faster we all put our “gloves down” the faster we can collaborate and slow this virus down. We have seen the effects of this “global oneness” in our financial markets, trade markets, with natural disasters, and once in a while it occurs like it is now unfolding. Fear will not keep us healthy…being smart and aware of our surroundings, our own hygiene and our loved ones will go a long way. Some of us will get sick, some will die, and some will experience nothing. That is the fabric of life. Be vigilant and well. Everything is temporary.

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