In times of uncertainty, much inspiration can be found for creativity.

Whether you are a songwriter, poet, novelist, painter, sculptor, or cartoonist, the events and societal aspects are changing so fast, one can find inspiration every day or every hour. We see the bravery and strength of our first responders, medical providers, scientists, and the folks working in our supermarkets or other essential businesses…the compassion…seen in the pictures of food banks, or cars lined up for food, or the social services agencies still providing services to a myriad of populations in need…the fear…not only because of the virus itself, but the lack of food security and financial security. So much so, that some are losing their sense of public safety or civic duty to each other and want their “lives back” even though the truth is, no one’s life will go back to what it was. Some of us have been changed dramatically, some of us may reevaluate our lives…what is needed and what is not. We see the sadness…so many have died and so many have not been able to have the closure that we have come to expect. We see the joy…those loved ones who have recovered, the parades of cars…for someone’s birthday or wedding, the simple pleasures of spending time with family or taking a walk. This time period should never be forgotten…or it may happen again…those of us in the arts…well, I’m counting on us to find a way to keep the “good” going and to acknowledge and preserve the more difficult memories. Stay safe and healthy.

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