Components of Making Videos

OK, another week flew by. Before NY went into it’s “Pause Mode”, I was making arrangements to start shooting the video for my first recording. Of course, I could wear my mask if I do any shoots out in public…I wouldn’t have to lip sync…no one would know! Well, all of that is on hold. But, I did “find” a little project for myself to do which is important for branding purposes and it potentially will make my videos look more professional. That little ingredient is a Logo Reveal. Essentially, your logo with your brand or company name is presented for a few seconds at the beginning of your videos, just like the big picture studios. Now, you can go online and find some really cool templates if you want to pay for that. There are literally hundreds to choose from. There are several companies that offer a monthly plan so you can use whatever they have whenever you like, or you can pay for the one template you choose.

Well, being the true DIY person I am, I choose to create a logo reveal using Motion. One of the very cool things about Motion is that you can create a Generator for your Final Cut Pro projects. So now, it will be readily available anytime I need it. It may not be as fancy or “polished” as some of the templates I saw. Some were amazing! But, being that I never used Motion before, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to figure out (kinda, sort of), and within 2 sessions with myself…it was done. I hope you like it! Feel free to give me some pointers.

What only plays for seconds, takes hours to create!


  1. Hi Sue- hope this finds you and your family are well (by the looks of it, you seem not only to be well, but very productive). I like the new logo- looks like a rocket 🚀 taking off. Very cool 😎


    1. Thank you! Glad you like it! Yeah…there seems to be always something to do…I made a virtual tip jar a couple of weeks back. That’s for the streaming stuff. Hope all is well with you and your entire family! Stay healthy!!


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