Technology changes right when you think your ready to get things going…

So, I’ve been getting tutorials from Chris Vandeviver, a mix engineer, at Why Logic Pro Rules or WPLR. If you would like to check out his site, click HERE. Chris has created templates that he gives to you, after you sign up for his emails, so you can practice mixing and he does a very good job at explaining the different functions within Logic Pro X. He has multiple YouTube videos and I had been doing a lot of research listening to a lot of different audio engineers explain Logic Pro. He seemed to me to be the most detailed and emphasized you have everything you need within the program if you choose not to spend money on third party plugins. Today he sent a message about Logic Pro and the update available and the new features. It is version 10.5, which adds a better Sampler and integration, Live Loops, a Step Sequencer, and improvements in the Drum Machine Designer. Alright, so I tried to update Logic Pro X on my Macbook Pro…only to find out…it’s too old to get the update! I do have a Mini Mac that could handle it but, it is in an office area, not in the music studio. I’m using that computer for video projects (my largest display is there) and office “stuff”. Well, it looks like the laptop will be used for streaming purposes and for my BeatBuddy updates. I ended up buying another used Mini Mac, a couple of years newer than the other one…I’ll put that full time in the studio when it arrives. Now Chris will be making new and updated tutorials and I will be attempting to learn the new features. Actually, I’m grateful that this came along before I started the actual mixing on the laptop. I was really close to uploading the audio files and starting the process. I would have had to transfer everything to the new Mac. C’est la vie. Stay safe and well!

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