All Hooked Up…

Alright, I hope all is as well as it can be with you and your families. If you have loved ones who lost their lives in our Armed Forces, you have my condolences and sincere gratitude. Interesting dynamics across the USA right now in regards to “opening up” for business and possibly “opening up” many more cases of COVID-19. We’ll see…

Since my last post, I did receive my new “old” Mac mini. Since a new one runs around $1,100, I chose a 2014 model for under $650 on eBay. She has a clean install of Catalina OS with 2 TB of hard drive storage. This unit, I am dedicating to Logic Pro and DSP Quattro, which is my mastering software. Other than that, it has the bare bones.

I’ve imported 17 of the 30 tracks that I recorded on my Fostex V160exs. I have 2 of them linked together via a midi cable and Toslink optical cable. One is the “master” one is the “slave”. It is true the Fostex records at CD quality, which is less bit rate and sample rate than any DAW set up. But, I went this route because I can implement some of what I am familiar with, in other words, actually playing an instrument and using “outboard” equipment to lay a solid track down. I have ended up mixing as I have been importing. I import at a higher bit rate and sample rate for a little extra headroom. Everything is in ‘mono’ right now and will be until I finish all added effects. Panning will happen last. After each import I have been using mild compression and usually some EQ. I am making sure that sonically no two parts are cancelling each other out because they are “sitting” at the same frequencies.

I had recorded five different guitar parts and five different keyboard parts. Not really on purpose…I had an idea and recorded it…then another idea sprung up. You get the picture. It is true they are all doing different things and sound different but, I will be interweaving these parts as, to me, it will just be too busy. If a part isn’t helping the overall sound or feel in a section of the song… best to leave it out.

Thankfully, I own a boat and the marina opened up about 10 days ago…so, since the boat is 25 years old…she needs a serious wax job every year. I’m off to get it done! Stay well!!

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