Making Progress in Mixing

It’s been a couple of weeks, at least, since my last post. All of my audio files have been imported into Logic Pro from my Fostex decks. Right now, I have 32 tracks of audio. Just for the record, I have never mixed 32 tracks in a studio. I know there are some songs that end up being a hundred tracks…I’m not ready for that! I’m not sure if I’ll double the lead vocal. If I do, I’ll EQ it just a little different and have a little different effects on it. There are nights I listen to my vocals and question, is that what I want? Eventually, I will “bounce it off” a couple of trusted music friends to get their suggestions and thoughts. I find myself spending 1-2 hours a night “working” on “Sleeping Alone Again”. I’m still in mono and will need to learn the “Automation” tools of Logic Pro in order to adjust the volume and panning of parts. I know I will be moving some parts in different parts of the song. I wanted to check out a tutorial from Guildhall School of Music, but I haven’t found the time. It’s on YouTube and in 2 parts, each about an hour long. I’ll have to make the time…the more familiar you become with whatever software you are using the better your end result will be if you are going “full in”. There have been several audio engineers that have suggested using multiple compressors and multiple reverbs. I didn’t understand why but, I have a better sense now. The plugins or effects, are so precise and you can edit every parameter, that sometimes it takes multiples of the same effect to get the overall sound you are searching for. Using software like Logic Pro is almost limitless in its possibilities. I am trying to keep things simpler. There is no way during this first song I’ll learn all the “ins and outs”.

Stay safe and healthy!

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