Have Another Pair of Ears Listen to Your Mix

With all the social distancing going on, it took a long while to have another pair of ears listen to what I had done with “Sleeping Alone Again”. Thankfully, I believe I’m on the right path because my colleague/friend, who has performed, conducted, and taught music for 30+ years, simply said it sounded great. That’s a relief because I must have listened to the song 500 times…and your mix can sound deceiving if you mix too long in one day or too often. Resting your ears is critical because they get “tired” just like your brain gets fatigued by listening to the same passage over and over. Do your best to take a break every 30 minutes. I haven’t always followed that advice because I get caught up in adjusting a section or part and 30 minutes turns into an hour and a half! At the 2 hour mark I just leave the whole song alone and save it.

I find it remarkable that everything was recorded in three days and not even a whole day on any of those days. I recorded 6 different vocal parts, 5 different guitar parts, one bass part, one stereo drum track, and 5 keyboard or synth parts all in real time. The mixing…that’s a different story for sure! Stay well and healthy. Sue

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