Is What you are Hearing Really Real?

I hope all is as well as it can be for you. I am still working on mixing “Sleeping Alone Again”. I watched on YouTube the Guildhall School of Music & Drama Logic Pro Master Class Part 1 and approximately one half of Part 2, when the instructor started working on the edits of a vocal part that was just recorded. He started using Flex Pitch or what could be called pitch correction and then started to show and demonstrate the other parameters one could control, such as vibrato and note length. Well, I knew I could correct at least 2 notes that I had recorded in my lead vocal. So, I somehow managed to get to the editor that the instructor went to, and I say somehow because if you asked me now how I got there…I couldn’t tell you. I ended up “fixing” 6 notes but not entirely because I wanted the vocal part to be real and not perfect. The amount of correction is adjustable. Then I started to think that with so many options, tools, and parameters available, in the process of mixing you could “correct” everything. Drum tracks can be quantized, beats manipulated, guitar parts changed… either the rhythm or the notes. You could change the melody line, add virtual instruments, change sounds on the fly, and add effects anywhere. I know folks are recording very cool stuff without knowing a lick of music theory or knowing how to play an instrument. It just all makes me pause and think about what is art? What makes something humanly created? I did figure out some volume “automation” on a cello part I recorded on keyboards and that was very cool because it was a “trial by error” process. I hadn’t learned it by video yet. I’m used to faders. Apparently, I can use my iPad as a remote controller….but, that is just more to learn. I’ll get to that later. Be well!

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