In the Mix

Hey, I hope all is good on your end. I am still mixing “Sleeping Alone Again”. A little unbelievable but, I have received more feedback from trusted musician friends so, the process continues. It was suggested to me that the background vocals during the chorus need to “pop” so to speak. So, I increased the volume and played around with a long reflection reverb and I believe those vocals are solid. There is also a short reflection reverb in there to add tonal warmth. My lead vocal was sounding distorted because I was trying to create more of a presence with that throughout the song. Through the process of elimination…by turning the plugins on and off…I deducted it was my compressor settings. I am using two in the channel strip. So, I went on a hunt for some good guidance on setting compressors and where to insert them in this digital set up. This is so not an analog world…there is no forgiveness…no headroom so, the compressors need to be set on the less aggressive side, in increments to avoid unwanted coloring. I found a wonderful website that explains vocal compression beautifully. On Musician on a Mission you will find a wealth of resources. They also offer courses and workshops. But, back to vocal compression…click HERE to go to Musician on a Mission – Vocal Compression: Learn How to Mix Like the Pros. I followed the advice given and although I tonally want to change my lead vocal with more tweaking of the effects…I am satisfied with the volume and lack of distortion! Keep learning!!

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