Hi there. I know I wrote in my last post about what I am doing in order to master my song…but, there are some very important steps to know before you release your song. Now, I will presume that you will copyright your finished sound recording using the SR form. It is cheaper and faster using the Library of Congress Eco system and uploading your song file. I will be doing this once “Sleeping Alone Again” is mastered, having my LLC as the claimant with all the metadata embedded. I will also register the song with my PRO, in my case ASCAP before the song is released, so that I can get the ISWC code or International Musical Work Code.

Then there is metadata. If you are unfamiliar with that term, it is simply the information about the song that ends up embedded in the song file. When sending out MP3s, you can embed what is called ID3 tags. I did some research on free ways to get it done. I will be sending WAV files to my digital distribution company, so I needed that work around as well. Not all information embedded will show up in all platforms. WAV files are not supported so well in iTunes, so you need to add the info. again within iTunes. The information that usually goes in the metadata is the Title, Artist, Album, Date, Genre, Composer, ISRC, maybe Lyrics and Album Art. Again, not all software do the same things. Now, you could have your digital distribution company auto fill your information based on what you input and they can generate ISRC and UPC numbers (if needed) as well.

I chose to have my LLC be able to generate ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) numbers, as it is a publishing company and recording entity. You could go to the ISRC website and do the same. The fee was $80 four years ago. Just to clarify…the ISWC number is to track the composition and stays with the song no matter how many versions are created. The ISRC keeps track of the sound recordings of that composition. Each version would have its own ISRC number.

Now to some links to help you create your metadata… I use Mac OS so, you may need to fish some more if using Windows.

Audacity Does not support Album Art

Kid3 – Audio Tagger

Sonoris ISRC Editor Used for WAV files

All the best with completing your projects!

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