Register Your Song…in a few spots!

Hello friends, I’m working on the master but, in the meantime, I need to make sure the song is registered. First is my Performing Rights Organization or PROS. I’m with ASCAP and so is my publishing company. I registered the song before it’s release so that I would know the ISWC number to include it in the data that I will upload to my publishing admin company and my distribution company. Today I enrolled in SoundExchange, which is a sound recording PRO in order to collect royalties from non interactive streaming services throughout the world. That could include webcasts and subscription services. If you want to know more about what the ISWC is and how you really want one, I recommend watching this video created by MBME on YouTube. In regards to the publishing admin company, I had done a bit of research and totally knew I would not be able to track royalties and/or usage of any of my songs in this global internet based life we live in. So I enrolled at Songtrust because the fees are reasonable, to me, and they handle YouTube as well. There is just so much to track! My digital distribution company is Distrokid because you pay one flat rate per year and your music goes where it needs to. They also collect monies on your behalf when your songs are listened to or downloaded. Once my master is complete, it will be uploaded to Distrokid, I’ll fill in the information needed on Songtrust and register the song with SoundExchange. Other than that…there is nothing to do! Stay well!

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