Release date for “Sleeping Alone Again” is set for 12/18/2020!

So, let me tell you how this all was wrapped up…I had finished the master…after going back to the mix at least three times to adjust the bass frequencies (tighten them up) and then had to focus my attention on the video. I knew that would be quite a bit faster than the audio portion of this release and I really had my sights on releasing the song before Christmas.

I got so excited about finishing the video (after 3 days work)…right after I copyrighted the sound recording, I posted the video on YouTube. Well, it gives you all these prompts to share it on your social media…so, of course, I did that too. This happened last Friday and I decided to upload the song to DistroKid on Monday. So, that did happen and on the same day I registered the song on SongTrust and SoundExchange. I am waiting on my AARC applications to be approved. It’s hard to say if I needed to do something more on the applications…I haven’t received a reply from my inquiries. So, DistroKid is pretty cool because they create a HyperFollow page for each release you have. You can go to mine HERE. I added lyrics, credits, and liner notes as well to go to the “stores”. Not all “stores” or platforms support the same data, but I figured what the heck, I’ll do as much as I can and see what happens. Also, it will take about a week for my song to be available in all the platforms from the release date. DistroKids communication is excellent and lets me know via email how the process is progressing.

I had to go back to my YouTube video and add the necessary links. YouTube gives you a lot of space in your description area so, you can get pretty detailed and share whatever links make sense and you can add a whole bunch of hashtags. DistroKid also created a UPC right away. I already had created the IRSC and received the ISWC number from ASCAP so, registering the song where needed was easy. I can also now register the song on Neilsen Soundscan. I need to do a Title Registration and also the ISRC Registration. I’ll do that tomorrow. I also need to send an email to my subscribers with the HyperFollow page and embed the video so those interested can check out the song. It’s too soon to claim my Spotify Artist Page or my Apple Music Page. I’ll just keep checking.

Today was like an advertising day…trying to get the news out. I created an event on Facebook, designed a posting for Instagram, and posted links on LinkedIn and Twitter. I had read multiple times that the “build up” for a release should be more like a month. That makes sense. Oh well, I’ll see how this goes in a 2 week window.

Don’t forget to update your site! I added the song with the HyperFollow link under it and added the video to each page…All the best!

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