Winding down the tasks before the release of my song on 12/18/20

With my song registered with ASCAP, SoundExchange and SongTrust, I registered the song with Neilsen SoundScan, both the Title and ISRC registrations. I was able to claim my Apple Music for Artist page as I was verified in a day. I will need to take a look at the different features…I did add a photo of myself. Being verified with Spotify will happen after the release date.”Sleeping Alone Again” also was registered with MediaBase. That was a one day affair as well. This link Radio Airplay 101 will explain the basics of tracking your song over the airwaves. I have not heard back from BDS as I emailed a request to register the song with them as well. I have pulled together my materials for AllMusic and will be submitting my information about myself and the song tomorrow. This way folks can learn more about you as an artist or your songs in one spot. They can also leave reviews. I have looked at Discogs also. They pretty much do the same thing. There submission process seemed more complicated to me. I’ll have to take another look at it. Tomorrow I’ll be sending out texts to follow up on the email campaign I did a few days back. There is never nothing to do! Stay well and safe!

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