So, “Sleeping Alone Again” is on the major streaming services and available for download…now what?

Promoting myself or my music is a necessary task that is out of my “comfort zone”. I am not accustomed to speaking about myself or my music, as I like to think of myself as humble and grateful for the opportunity to share a piece of myself. Well, you can ask your friends and “fans” to help promote your music by sharing your links or placing your song in one of their playlists…if they like the song…and remain humble. I always say please and thank you and I don’t believe that just because you need to tell people about any project you do, that you have to boast about it or make other people feel “small” because they haven’t accomplished the same thing. Everything is so transient, and although it is nice to hear or know that someone likes a song or “took away” a lesson from it, all things these days seem to be “out of sight – out of mind.”

So, I am learning how to utilize the tools that Spotify and Apple Music offer, and my distributor DistroKid. Thankfully, Distrokid makes it easy to share your HyperFollow page on social media platforms. Instagram makes it a little more challenging, but Spotify has integration with Instagram. I will learn how to do that tomorrow and just give it a try. I know some people recommend that you post on each platform everyday and multiple times a day so folks can’t forget about you. Well, I know for myself, I grow weary of seeing so much from someone. I will have to find a balance with myself of letting people know something and not “hammering” them with reminders. To that end…if you would like to preview the song, stream the song, or download it, please click on my HyperFollow page HERE…and Thank You!

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