Make sure your music is on all available platforms

First, Happy New Year! I use DistroKid as my digital distributor and they do state how long it takes for your song or album to generally get released on each platform. My song was released on 12/18/2020 and just yesterday I was able to post on my social media platforms that my song “Sleeping Alone Again” is on Napster. Just today I received an email from Pandora that my release was accepted for Pandora Premium! Now, that is very cool but, until I made a special submission to my song wasn’t even on their Pandora (free) or Pandora Plus platforms. I’m not using any logic to figure this out. DistroKid does provide the link to submit your music and explains all their music is curated in house so, there is no guarantee your music will get on any of their platform tiers. Anyway, they got back to me with the good news in under 24 hours. Today I also received an email from AllMusic. My submission to them has been added to the queue for processing. It may take 6 to 8 weeks to have my submissions processed and added to their database but, at least I got an update and they did send me a link to check on it’s status. They also do not guarantee anything will be added to their database or what information will be included. Sounds like a definite maybe!

In the meantime, I am plotting the course for my next release, “Hardly Hiding.” I created an Audio Visualizer in Apple’s Motion software, with the help of this video on YouTube “How to Make An Audio Visualizer in Motion 5” from The Final Cut Bro, as I would like to use it in my next music video. Keep yearning and learning!

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