Following up on unfinished steps…AARC, USPTO, Pandora AMP and Nielsen BDS

Hey there! Just to go backwards for a moment, I sent another email to AARC in hopes of getting an answer about the status of the applications I submitted back in early November as a sound recording copyright owner and featured artist. That was 5 days ago…no response. If anyone has had a similar experience or can shed some light on the Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies, I would appreciate your insights.

Another update I would like to share with you is my application for trademarking my logo for my publishing company and record label. Being that I did this without an attorney, I watched almost every tutorial video the USPTO offered. More than one video stated that you will receive many emails from third party entities pretending to be part of the process…which I have. I was so leery of these emails that when one actually came from the USPTO, I read it and trashed it! It did look real…but I still didn’t trust it. I found out it really was from them when I checked on the status of my application and looked at the “Prosecution History.” Go figure. You can check on your application, if you have gone down this road, at this link TSDR and put in your serial number. Simple!

My song “Sleeping Alone Again” is on Pandora and , of course, other platforms. You can check that out HERE. Pandora has an AMP program for artists similar to Apple Music for Artists and Spotify for Artists. I can not claim myself in Pandora. I can find the song, but I can’t set myself up. Too many Sues…too many Larsens…I’ll find out. I emailed customer service today and sent them my links so they could verify me. We’ll see…

Lastly, a couple of months ago I requested the info needed to register my song with Nielsen BDS. No response…I was able to register my song with MediaBase with no delay. Both of these entities aggregate airplay of your song. They are encoded so that they will know if your song is played over internet radio or broadcast radio. I don’t know where my song will end up, but I wanted to cover my bases. Here is the link for the requesting access to the Virtual Encode at Nielsen BDS. If anyone has an update of this or knows a different way…please share it! I sent another request today and I’ll see if I get a response this time. Thanks for reading…stay well.

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