Multi-cam Editing

As you may know, I edited my own music video, “Sleeping Alone Again” using Final Cut Pro X. Yes, I am a Mac person when it comes to creating “stuff” for this music career. So, I used two cameras and not knowing that there is capability within FCPX to do multi-cam edits just like you would for a live TV show, I visually scanned frames, cut them or trimmed them, and inserted them onto the timeline as I saw fit. I then added the effects I wanted in between the cuts. Well, I recently watched a very good tutorial on YouTube about using multiple camera angles and set ups. I will use the multi-cam editing feature in FCPX on my next music video. We will see which looks smoother and which one took less time to edit. Here is the link for the Thurston Community Media tutorial on Multi-cam Editing. I hope you find it helpful and it saves you time and energy!

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