” Sleeping Alone Again” on Pandora Premium Access…and other updates…

Hey there, I am in the middle of getting my next song “Hardly Hiding” released. I am looking at mid to late April. So, I have been thinking about writing this and trying to but, I’m knee deep in shooting footage for the music video and will start mastering the track tomorrow. I did want to update you on a few lingering items with my first release. First, I was sending a request to Virtual Encode “Sleeping Alone Again” to an outdated email address, therefore no response. The Virtual Encode is for the Nielson BDS or Broadcast Data Systems. The service tracks radio, internet, and televisions plays of your track and is what feeds Billboard it’s data. I “stumbled” on the VirtualEncode log in page and used the email link below the log in area. Within one day a very nice representative sent me all the info. and instructions I needed to have my song encoded. Here is the link to that page VirtualEncode. Obviously, I have submitted it.

Secondly, As you may know, your digital distribution company may submit your songs to Pandora, but Pandora is a curated platform and may or may not utilize your song. Even though DistroKid had submitted it, I hadn’t received any update so I decided to submit my song manually using my UPC code and then received an acknowledgement that it was going be reviewed by their staff. It was and I received an email that my song was available on their Free Pandora Radio Service. Then I went searching for claiming my AMP page. I submitted an email to their customer service email and received a response that AMP or Artist Marketing Platform was only available to artists with songs on their Premium Access platform but, that being said, they would be reviewing my song and expected it to be up and running in a few weeks. Well, it took a little longer than 3 weeks but, I went to claim my AMP page and sure enough I was able to be verified in one day! Very cool! I have not dived into all that can be done on that page to help promote “Sleeping Alone Again” on Pandora…but, I will. If you would like to check out “Sleeping Alone Again” on AMP:Fresh Cuts click HERE. Thanks for listening and reading! Stay well, Sue

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