“Hardly Hiding”, my second release is out of the gate…

I just saw that three weeks have gone by since I last added to my blog. In that window of time, I mastered the song, shot the video, edited the video and submitted everything needed to ASCAP, DistroKid, SongTrust, SoundExchange, Sound Scan ISRC registration and Sound Scan Title registration. I still have All Music, Mediabase, and BDS Virtual Encode left on the submit list. I also “pitched” this song on Spotify to be curated for a playlist. Thankfully Spotify sent me an email to let me know if you submit your song or if it is submitted by your digital distributor at least one week before it’s release date, you can personally pitch your song. It isn’t hard to do at all. It may have taken me 15 mins. It’s cool that you can do this now. I did not get this email with my first release. The music video is already on YouTube, you can check it out HERE. I used some “green screen” techniques and learned how to reverse clips, speed clips up, and I used a comic look throughout most of it. It’s on the playful side. I need to create a “Canvas” for this song on Spotify and set up a playlist and featured artist on my page. I need to learn more about Spotify and Pandora AMP and work on using the features that make sense. Most streaming services give you some tools to advertise your song on your social media platforms. That can be a full time job unto itself!

“Hardly Hiding” is set for release on all the major platforms on April 26th. The link for my DistroKid Hyperfollow page is HERE. I really like this feature by DistroKid. This link can go everywhere, it’s good looking and it’s a forever kind of thing.

I also have my own on line store. I use Square to handle my transactions and they give you a free “store front”. You can have more features if you want to pay for the service. I’m not sure how much traffic I will get, so for now, I’m keeping the free version. It is set up to handle events and to download the mp3 of this song and ” Sleeping Alone Again” and, of course, future songs. I will make that live and promote it all over approximately 7-10 days before this song release. That’s it for now. Good luck with all you are doing and being! Sue

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