Nearly a month since my last post…here are some updates on my release, radio spot, logo trademark, Official Artist Channel on YouTube and online store…more “nuts and bolts”

Wow, almost a month as flown by since my last post! So, what has happened since then? “Hardly Hiding” was in fact released on April 26th. As you may have read before, I use DistroKid as my digital distributor. If you haven’t heard it or watched the video, you can click HERE to check it out. I was interviewed and this song was featured on WHUD 100.7 fm on their program Hudson Valley Artist Spotlight hosted by Andy Bale. If you would like to hear the interview, which is a little over 5 minutes, please click HERE.

The trademark of my logo was examined, and the words MUSIC GROUP…well, I needed to do a disclaimer for those words as they are merely descriptive of the business type or structure and generally have no “source indicating capacity” as the USPTO had explained to me in a letter. Now, that doesn’t mean my logo as a whole can not be protected, it just means that my LLC can not have the exclusive rights to those words apart from my logo. That’s cool with me. So, it took 5 1/2 months to get this point and now they are saying the final determination may take an additional 2 months. If you have common words in your logo, you may need to give those common words the same treatment.

My online store is completed and if you are curious about how a free Square store can look like and behave, please click HERE. What is not there are events. After I record a few more songs, I will be doing some streaming and I will set up that section with products. I’m thinking of having folks pay what they choose for that stuff. Once I am able to perform live, I can do general admission seating with this store. If I use reserved seating and folks want to select their seats, I will need to use a Ticketer service. Since YouTube has integration services with 4 different Ticketers, I thought I would do some research with the ones they like us to use. The four companies that YouTube works with are AXS, SeeTickets, Ticketmaster, and Eventbrite. Ticketmaster had a whole bunch of fees and you can’t get a general quote for your event without contacting them. At least I couldn’t find a way on their website. SeeTickets is in Great Britian, not a good choice for the USA. AXS…I remember visiting their site and it appeared complicated to get information, so I gave up. Eventbrite was very upfront with the service fees and payment processing fees. You can have your attendees pay the fees, or the event creator can pay them. After doing the math a $20.00 ticket price at the premium service level would incur $2.29 in service fees and $.50 in payment processing fees for a total of $2.79. That sounds reasonable to me. So, I believe I will be using Eventbrite down the road. Now, you can only do this concert promotion feature and sell your tickets on an Official Artist Channel.

Which brings me to my last paragraph. I now have an Official Artist Channel on YouTube! You can click HERE to view it. To get the complete lowdown on what you can do with it please click HERE it’s from the Google support page. I haven’t read it all…so, I don’t know all the features. Maybe you can tell me! Anyway, stay well and keep on keeping on…there’s still much work to be done…Sue

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