Are you using a Publishing Admin Company?

There has been a flurry of information recently about the MLC or the Mechanical Licensing Collective. The MLC is a nonprofit organization designated by the U.S. Copyright Office that was birthed out of the Music Modernization Act of 2018. Well, in 2021 it came to life and now is the only entity in the US that is administrating blanket mechanical licenses to digital service providers or DSPs and collecting those royalties. Harry Fox and Music Reports are no longer doing this and collecting mechanical royalties. So, if you are not using a publishing admin company you need to register yourself and your songs if you want to collect royalties from streaming services or from digital downloads of your music. Click HERE to go to the MLC. My publishing admin company is Songtrust so, I don’t need to become a member of the MLC because Songtrust registers all the metadata with the MLC. Just below is a link that explains the MLC and Songtrust’s part in this process. Any publishing admin company will do this for you…I hope. Click HERE for that explanation.

So, to recap, in order to collect mechanical royalties…register with the MLC, if you use a publishing admin company, they will register you and your songs. Your publishing admin company is collecting mechanical and performance royalties on your behalf and charging you a commission to do so. In my case, Songtrust is collecting royalties in over 130 countries and takes 15% of what they collect. I couldn’t possibly keep track of what happens globally with my music. So, it is worth it to me. Your digital distributor, in my case, DistroKid, is collecting master recording royalties. If you own the rights to your master, or the record company, those royalties would come to you as well. Keep creating and have fun! Sue

P.S. My logo is in the 30 day process of someone being able object to my logo encroaching on their logo. So, it is scheduled to be published in the Trademark Official Gazette in early June and if there are no claims against it, it will be registered! Pretty cool!

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