Comparisons of My Two Song Releases

Now that it has been over a month since my second release “Hardly Hiding”, I can share with you the differences. In regards to YouTube…in order to become eligible for an Official Artist Channel, the channel needs to be about you, (the artist) or your band. It can’t be about a variety of topics. You need at least 3 videos and a Topic Channel. Your Topic Channel is created by your digital distributor. I didn’t even realize this happened with the first release! I did the process of asking for the Official Artist Channel through DistroKid and I had my response in less than a day. So, now my Topic Channel shows up on my Official Channel. Here is the LINK if you want to check out how it looks different from a regular channel.

In regards to Pandora, my second release went straight to having Premium Access and I didn’t need to submit it to be curated like my first song. AllMusic only took two weeks (1st song, it was about a month) to let me know that they received my information about my 2nd release, but as of yet, it is not listed on the site nor are any of my photos or album art there. iHeart Radio gets their information from AllMusic so, no matter the outcome, I will keep on submitting my data to them. Deezer has Backstage, which is an artist page that gives you analytics, which I applied for and I had to submit my information about my digital distributor and record label. You need to submit at least one UPC code as well. Amazon has Amazon Music for Artists. That page was approved in 15 minutes! I haven’t promoted that platform very much…I have a Prime account and my music is only available on their Music Unlimited tier.

Anyway, my next song is due to be released the end of August or beginning of September. I want to allow a couple of months leeway so I can better promote it. So far, I have just been using my social media platforms and email list. That’s probably going to be another blog! Stay well!

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