Promotion…Promotion and Facebook issue resolved

Happy New Year! So, I’m in between song releases and I decided promoting my first two singles is the least I can do. It took me so long to get my first song out the door due to a tremendous learning curve of everything, I didn’t even think about promoting it. I did post it on my own social media accounts. That’s not a very good business plan. The second song, I submitted to a few local radio stations and I did land an interview and the song was played on WHUD 100.7 FM. I also posted on my social media accounts. That was better, but again not so effective. The third song I submitted a press release to my local news outlets and magazines at least 10 weeks from the release date. I also wrote a national press release and sent that to Send2Press about 6 weeks ahead of time. The national press release did cost some money for that company to distribute it, as I wouldn’t know where to send it and to whom. So, the local effort netted me one newspaper print and online article with The Examiner. That’s all good. So, next time I’ll try again with the same list that I had created and maybe add a few. I did not seek out any reviews or blogs. I’ll need to do some research on who would make sense to reach out to, to get some credible reviews. I am working on paying for a promotional company to pitch my songs to radio. I do not want a company that takes every song from everyone and sends out an email blast all over with no thought about proper placement or follow up. If my songs are not “polished enough” for radio play, but I can get some promotion for Spotify or YouTube, I’ll do that. By the next blog I should have something to report. With this last song, I created ads using footage from the music video. They were short clips re edited or stills. I placed ads on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. As I had stated in my previous blog, I also sent the last song to 17 radio stations that accept submissions from indie artists. Some links are in my last blog to help you find stations. My songs are playing on three of those stations. You want to make sure those stations are reporting their playlists so eventually you get your royalties.

Facebook was a challenge I resolved finally. So, my first two releases will have ads run on all the above platforms and Facebook. I had set up a business page without a profile (because you could) a very long time ago. Facebook changed it’s rules and my page became a “grey account”. I did eventually set up a profile to have associated with that page, but some of the functions and features never activated including my ability to run ads. I had to set up another profile of me which you can check out HERE and I created another page. Then I had to add the new “me” account as an admin to the old account so I would have a fully functional page to create ads. I’ll try a Facebook ad with my last release as well since I couldn’t before. I am also looking into YouTube ads and Google ads. I suggest you ask your listeners to give you thumbs up and likes and reviews everywhere there is internet “real estate” to do that. Don’t forget your email list to do the same. All the best and stay safe and healthy, Sue

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