Make Your Presence Known

I hope all is well with you. I’d like to bring to your attention a couple of internet “real estate” locations that are absolutely free. If you don’t Google yourself or your band every now and then, I recommend you do. Everything may not be as accurate as you would like, but as long as something is not going to hurt your “brand” (you or you band) I wouldn’t sweat it. I have had articles rewritten purposely with errors, just enough so that another news outlet could take credit for the article when it wasn’t from them. I’ve had the photo changed in the article, I assume to entice more readers, which didn’t make sense because the article was about me being my age and coming full circle in my 40+ years in this music business. So, to have a photo of a 20 something year old showing her mid drift…well, you get the point.

Back to internet real estate. Perhaps if you Google yourself, your profile may show up with a photo and you will see your social accounts and links to the platforms your music can be found. Your website may be listed and the little bio you wrote in one of your socials. Mine ends up being from Twitter. Well, all of this costs you nothing and you can and should claim your profile. You just need to prove you are you! What is also super cool is you can create a Google Business Profile. You will need to verify that the business is yours, but in the meantime you can add all the information they require and you get write your own bio and add the links you need to. Once you receive the verification code in the mail and verify the business you are good to go. I use Square for payments with Cash App Pay and all credit cards etc., so I decided to use their app Square Appointments to have folks schedule consultations with me about their event. I have a “Book Now” button on all the socials that accept it and websites. Now you will be able to accept Google Reviews as well and that can be really helpful for any business!

As I had stated in my last blog, I am running Facebook Ads for the first time. I have to say that with my limited experience, my CTRs are higher and the cost per click is far lower than the other socials I have advertised on. It doesn’t mean I will abandon the others, but if your advertising funds are limited, it’s something to consider. I have also hired a promotion company to get my three releases on Spotify playlists and to promote my music videos on YouTube. I bought packages that were not the lowest and certainly, not the highest. I had to do a bit of research and I suggest you do too. There are so many companies out there vying for your money. Not all of them are legit or have a track record. Be careful. Here is a link to a write up I found helpful – The 13 Best Indie Promotion Services That Are Worth It. Since I am still in the middle of the promotion, I will wait until my next post to share with you the results.

All the best, Sue

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