Results of Promotions and Marketing

I hope you are well. I am getting ready to get back in the studio and record my first ballad. I actually needed a breather, so I spent time doing more of the marketing stuff that was needed and analyzing the data. I also spent a good portion of my time learning a few more mixing and mastering techniques to make my next songs more marketable for radio play. I was tempted to remaster my first three songs and then decided to let them go for now. If I remix them, I will change the style a bit for each one, so that I can call them remixes and create different metadata and copyright those new sound recordings.

My promotion wrapped up on Spotify, officially the end of last month. All of my songs are still on some of the original playlists they were placed on. Right before the promotion started, I had 19 monthly listeners and under 600 total streams. I was on maybe 3 playlists. Now my songs have been on over 90 playlists, have been streamed over 36.5K times and as of today, I still have over 8.7K monthly listeners. That number will continue to fall until I release and promote more songs. At the apex of the promotion, I had over 17K monthly listeners.

Numbers don’t lie!

The same company also promoted my three music videos on YouTube. I started the campaign with 20 subscribers, I now have over 235. I had a total of 1.3K views at the onset and now I have 75K views and my videos have been on over 110 playlists. I will be using that company again!
The links for my Spotify page and YouTube channel are just below if you want to check them out.
Sue’s Spotify Artist Page

Sue’s Official YouTube Channel

If you are interested in promoting your own material, here is a link to an article that I found helpful, 19 Best Music Promotion Services Online in 2022 or you can try this article, The 13 Best Indie Music Promotion Services That Are Worth It.
On another note, two more radio stations are playing my tunes. Both are in the UK. One is playing “Hardly Hiding” and the other is playing all of them. I’ll take it!

I am hoping that with my next mixing and mastering attempts I am able to have the same company promote the songs on over the air radio worldwide. That’s up to me…

Until next time, keep creating and be well! Sue


  1. Wow Sue, congratulations 🎉. Sounds like things are beginning to take off- good for you. Any in-person dates for the summer- would love to see you play🎼🎸Be well, Kathy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kathy! Steps along the way…I don’t know where it will all lead. I don’t have to. It’ll go the way it needs to. I will certainly let you know when I (or Bijoux) have any engagements! Thank you again and stay safe as well! Sue


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