Keeping time…use of Melodyne software and DistroKid’s new Hyperfollow Artist Landing Page

Hi there, I’m in the process of recording my next single release and discovered that using a click track would have been in my best interest. I’m not the best at keeping perfect time while playing the keyboards without some rhythm, but I really liked the passages I had recorded. I didn’t want to just scrap it all. I’m using Logic Pro X and up to this song, I didn’t use anything in addition to “what’s in the box”. Using Logic’s Smart Tempo I was able to reign in the final finished track of the piano part, and along the way to that finished track I used Melodyne 5 Editor in order to adjust the timing of the piece as a whole and individual notes of the polyphonic track. Logic has no way to adjust the pitch, placement, attack, or decay of polyphonic material. Thankfully, Melodyne is not that difficult to grasp after watching a few of their tutorial videos. I ended up purchasing the Editor edition. Here is the link to learn more about Melodyne and the various versions. Here is the online spot I purchased Melodyne so you can save some money…JRRshop. I have not used Melodyne yet to process my vocals, but I have been researching what a huge help it has been to so many. I will be able to cut out using a de-esser and use Melodyne instead. I’ll find out!

On another note, DistroKid, my digital distribution company, is now offering a free landing page for artists. I set mine up and here is the link Hyperfollow Page Sue Larsen. If you are an indie artist, and not sure which company to choose, this might help you make a decision. Keep creating and being your true self! Sue

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