Easiest Mastering Session So Far…here’s why

This post has taken a while to develop. I took the time to learn new mastering techniques to create something a bit fuller tonally and wider in the stereo field. I added parallel compression to the master to add more punch and fullness. It can also be used to create more volume, but that wasn’t a concern with this song. I also added side and mid EQing. I used one of the Vintage EQs in Logic Pro for the mid channel material, for warmth, and used a Linear EQ to gently boost the highs and mids on the side channels and applied a very slight gain on the side material. On the mixing end I added a touch of the Stereo Spreader. When my album is ready to go, I will remaster my first three releases so they will come to life a bit better.

Another time saver was using Melodyne. I left it active on all my tracks. It may drag your computer down, if you have it on, depending on how many tracks you use it on. After I had mastered the song some digital artifacts were noticeable. Going back to the mix to find these abnormalities and fix them was so much easier with Melodyne. For me, during the mixing sessions, Melodyne allowed me to manipulate any notes or chords faster and easier than Logic’s tools. I didn’t use any De-esser and it was easier to see what I was doing. I’m glad I went that route…buying Melodyne Editor.

Lastly, I only had two drum tracks, one vocal track, and four instrumental tracks. It was much less to process and make the tracks play nicely together. On the other hand, because there were so few tracks, each one had to stand on it’s own…there was no place to hide or bury something.

I am now in the next phase of getting everything ready for my next release “Really Up To You”. It’s release date is set for September 16th. It’s time to put that music video together!

If you do the Spotify thing…you can Pre Save the song by clicking on the link…Really Up To You

Thank you and keep creating! Sue

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