Tasks to Complete Before Your Next Song is Released

I am just over two weeks away from releasing my first ballad, “Really Up To You”. You can check out my DistroKid Hyperfollow Page HERE. There are quite a few administrative pieces that need to happen, particularly if you own the rights to the sound recording, if you are your own publisher, or if you are the songwriter. Or if you are like me, all three circumstances apply. In order to be paid proper royalties, you need to make sure your metadata is accurate and that you have all the proper numbers to embed. I created a spread sheet to help remind myself of what needs to happen. Here it is:

Now, you don’t necessarily need to create a press release, or you may choose to only send one to your local media. I use Send2Press for distribution of my more than local press releases. You also don’t need to run ads, but it is an important way to promote your work. You can see that I am an ASCAP member, they are my PRO, DistroKid is my digital distributor, Songtrust, is my publishing administrative company, SoundExchange collects royalties for featured performers on a track and royalties for all sound recording played on non-interactive digital radio, and I have a profile on Musixmatch, which distributes my lyrics to all the digital platforms that accept lyrics. I am not bothering to send information to AllMusic anymore, as my 2nd and 3rd releases never made it to their platform after several attempts. It’s so haphazard. I have another spread sheet for all the radio stations I will be submitting this song to.

I hope you found this helpful and all the best to you and your creations! Sue

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