Claim and Keep your Profiles up to date!

There is much to keep track of before, during, and after a song release. I’m still discovering what links to share and how. As you may know, not all streaming platforms have an easy integration with all of your possible social media accounts. Sometimes you need to retool something to make it work. That being said you may be sharing your artist pages as well. Make sure you claim the pages that you have some control over and update your bio and photos as needed. Apple, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, and Amazon all allow some personalization. Your digital distributor will have to submit your bio to Tidal and Napster. I didn’t find that out until after my second song release. It may take up to 6-8 to have everything there. Don’t be like me…take advantage of what your distributor offers and check their website for all their resources and tools. Submit what is asked of you for AllMusic as iHeart Radio gets their information from them. Even though I received an acknowledgement that they received my info. on my last release, it is nearly eight weeks and it is still not posted. So, get the information to them a couple of months before your release, if possible. I’m going to be doing that with my next song. My digital distributor, DistroKid, also sends my lyrics to to multiple platforms and search engines. Make sure you add yours where you can. I also suggest adding your lyrics to your music videos even if it is on a separate video. Maybe add them to the video description…I’m off to do mine! Stay well.


  1. Lobe both dogs. Someday when you and band can perform in public it would be great to here you sing these songs live. Someday thanks for the Music! Shirl


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