I May Have Done This All Backwards, Oh Well!

I hope this post finds you well. In the process of learning the science and art of recording and releasing new material, I have read numerous blogs myself and have listened to dozens of webinars and “how to” videos from folks who have released albums themselves or who have toured. Consistently creating new songs and or recording them and all the added stuff behind the scenes, is quite the undertaking. So, if you are already doing it, or just starting the process, or you are deciding whether to throw your “hat into the ring”, my congratulations and admiration are with you. It is true that I have taken on each task myself. That may not always be the case down the road, but at least I will know what each task requires and entails and that is a very good lesson.

So, many artists/teachers recommend giving a free song to folks in order to have people sign up for your email. Well, that’s a great idea if you actually have an extra song to give away! Right now, I don’t. Many others recommend planning your releases a year in advance…so, that would mean you would have to have your entire album recorded and mastered, ready to go, and then plan each single release. I suppose that would also mean you have to have all the music videos ready to go for all your singles. Well, once again that is not my situation. I can’t imagine how much time it would be up front to have these pieces in place before you release anything. For myself, I believe it will be a two year process to release my 10 song album. I have even heard some “teachers” recommend to not worry if a song is incomplete, or not arranged the way you may want, or not perfect…just put stuff out there consistently and often. I have heard of artists releasing a song the same day they recorded it! I agree consistency is very important, but I want quality at the end of the day. I want to allow myself time to sit with what I have created, to step back from it and revisit it as needed. I am not interested in releasing something “less than” it could be. I know when we, as artists, are out of sight, we can be out of mind…but there must be a balance. I don’t think we should be producing music like machines because we are afraid of missing a window.

I believe the bottom line is this…if you enjoy recording and releasing your music with a quick turn around, then keep doing it. If you need more time…take it. The true creative process of creating something out of nothing with meaning and purpose happens differently for each artist. Also, an artist’s priorities may be completely different. One may be more interested in the financial rewards, or the accolades of others. Another may want to help others heal from their life experiences, and still others may view songwriting as healing for themselves. There will be an audience for all of us no matter what our style of music or how well it is produced. Whatever way you go, be true to yourself and follow your inner compass. It will always take you in the direction you need to go. There is no right or wrong although, there may be best practices in this digital music marketplace.

I plan on releasing my next song (“You Will Always Be There”) and music video in the fall…no date set yet as I need to finish editing my video…at least all the footage was shot these last couple of weeks. I did write my first press release and it is with a writer friend of mine. His command of the English language is far better than mine and he will let me know if I am missing something with my format or content. All the best to all! Sue

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