My Marketing Antenna is Being Tuned

My next single release is happening on October 15th! A lot had to happen since my last blog. This is the link to check out the preview of “You Will Always Be There”. So, this time around I gave myself a two month window to do some promoting and my press release received the “thumbs up” from my editor friend. I sent my press release to 27 local news outlets and magazines. I kept the submissions in my own backyard, so to speak, as local papers and magazines (all on line and some do still print) may need more material and it might be easier to get an article or interview. If I get any press, I will definitely give them a big thank you via “a letter to the editor”. The music video, which is completed, will be released the day of the song release. It’s on YouTube and scheduled to post on Oct. 15th. I sent a private link to my song and to the video on my press release as well as a link to my EPK and webpage. I’ll see what happens…

I also made 2 – 15 second trailers, 2 – 30 second trailers, and 2 – 45 second trailers, from the music video, to use on my social media platforms. I’m trying to set up an Ad Account on Facebook and Instagram. I’m not sure why I’m getting messages like my Ad Account is disabled or the page isn’t available, or I don’t have a page admin…I never had an Ad Account to have it disabled! Of course, there is no one to really talk to, to get this figured out. I know my audience demographics from my Mailchimp account and from Google Analytics. So, I wanted to target some ads based on that data. No luck so far.

On other business side notes…my logo is now officially registered with the
United States Patent and Trademark Office so, my logo is federally protected! That process took 9 + months. So, if you need to do that for your business, plan on a good part of a year. Also, I found out why I never heard from AARC (The Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies). They were collecting private copy royalties for featured artists and record companies, but when I registered my song with SoundExchange, I found out that SoundExchange took over that task since mid July. So, I just had to sign a couple of forms electronically on their website to give them permission to do the collection of royalties worldwide on my behalf and my record company. All good!

Well, I’ll keep you posted on my progress with this release. In the meantime, stay well and keep creating! Sue

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